Welcome to the Education in Health Clinics Toolkit!

What is this toolkit?

This toolkit is full of information and practical resources that can be used to help health clinics embed educational services into their medical practice.  > Read more

Why is it important?

Although medical care is an essntial part of health, only an estimated 15% of preventable deaths have been attributed to medical care. A person's health is greatly influenced by social factors, such as education and income.   > Read more

Who is this toolkit for?

Community health clinics often serve people with limited income andeducation; the very populations that experience the worse health outcomes. This toolkit is intended for the administration and staff of medical practices who wish to address the social determinants of health and improve patients' health.

Executive summary

This summary provides a brief overview of the concepts covered in this toolkit. > Read more

The Social Determinants of Health


1. Behaviorial Patterns - 40%
2.Genetic Predisposition - 30%
3. Social Circumstances - 15%
4. Health Care - 10%
5. Environmental Exposure - 5%

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